sweetpotato 1 year, 8 months ago on Newton County's Drive Time band to perform on Square in Covington

I am really looking forward to this, this group is great. If you have not seen them perform please try to go you'll be glad you did !


sweetpotato 1 year, 9 months ago on Area residents recall being in Washington for MLK's famous speech

You are right HenryStamm, and I also feel that Martin Luther King would be so sad to see that so many of the barriers that blacks in the US now face are self inflicted. There were issues in the 60s that needed to be resolved and I truly feel that they have been and possibly even OVER-resolved. The things that hold blacks back now can pretty much only be resolved by the black community. Blacks complain that they cant get work, that they cant better themselves. Yet first generation immigrants come here and within a few years own homes and have started businesses. If the black so called leaders would put the same energy into helping the black population resolve their self inflicted issues as they do holding rallies and marches I would support them 100%.


sweetpotato 1 year, 10 months ago on mrsfingerprints

Thanks mrsfingerprint that is great. Poor kid that did the video can't even spell right check out principle and premission.


sweetpotato 1 year, 12 months ago on Covington council to get pay raise

I am a city resident and have no problem with the Council & Mayor getting a raise. We cannot expect quality government without attracting quality people to run it. The City of Covington is a basically a multi million dollar company. If you were a stockholder in a large company would you want uneducated idiots running it ? No you wouldnt ! Now that the compensation has increased some maybe we can get some additional business savy people on the Council. Being a nice person is no longer sufficient qualifications for serving on Covington City Council. People serving on our Council or the County Commission should bring some skill or knowledge to the table. We have to have people that understand the complexity of the issues they are presented.


sweetpotato 2 years, 2 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for March 10, 2013

Im still trying to figure out why people think that the City Council & Board of Commissioners have something to do with the type restaurants and stores we have. People ......the demographics, household incomes, crime rate etc , will determine who comes here. These restaurants and stores have people that find places for them and they know what they are looking for. The City Council and BOC cannot be held responsible for that. Theres a time when people felt like we might be the next Gwinnett but were most likley going to become the next Clayton. Until the west side of the county is brought under control, crime wise, and the people here start electing qualified people to serve on boards and commissions and not voting for somebody just because they "seem like a nice person". Until things like that happen were headed downhill.


sweetpotato 2 years, 3 months ago on Covington Dollar General robbed at gunpoint; three arrests made after marijuana, guns found

To the people that keep blaming the City Council and the Board of Commissioners because Newton Co. does not have nice restaurants and nicer stores. You can thank the type people that are responsible for the activities detailed in the above report. Thats why you have all the fast food, title pawns and Dollar Stores here in Newton Co.