supportpublicsafety 3 years, 3 months ago on Philip Bradford will run for sheriff of Newton County

Wow Billy you REALLY have no clue. The Georgia State Patrol is just that, and is ran by the Governor. So If you have problems with them for giving you an at fault ticket than call him. The officers and deputies work day and night to keep you and your family safe and if you violate the law you will pay the price. It just seems to me you are mad because you received a good driving award from the State Patrol. Wake up buddy!


supportpublicsafety 3 years, 8 months ago on Nov. 13 Newton Phone Poll

Yea I am not really sure what it is going to take to get these commissioners to understand that public safety is hurting. Its time to have a clean slate and get someone in office that understands that public safety needs to come first. The retirement is terrible here along with the morale.

Good employees either want to leave and find new jobs and the employees that want to better themself surley will not come to Newton County because pay is aweful along with retirement. But as long as we have a nice place to show a few cows and goats thats all that matters. Next time your home gets broke into call your local commissioner and tell them thanks for all the extra deputies the county has, "YEA RIGHT".


supportpublicsafety 3 years, 9 months ago on Oct. 9 Newton Citizen Poll

To respond to the comment about the Sheriff’s Deputy, I really think that is just a shame that the deputies that put their lives on the line every day have to be punished. These hard working men and women deserve to get pay raises and they should not have to worry about losing their homes. I know things are tight right now for everyone, but these county commissioners need to put their pet projects to the side and protect the ones that protect them while they sleep. There are so many good Deputies that have to leave because they can no longer support their family on the pay that they receive due to the major cut backs that the county has put in place for them.

I heard that the jail is something around 100 jailers short, which is absolutely crazy and the patrol officers is around 30 or 40 short. How can the Sheriff’s Office be successful with the fight against crime with little to no help. Thank goodness for the splost money that is coming in, the sheriff’s office was driving vehicles that were pretty much being held together with duck tape. Times are totally different now in Newton County and NOW is when people (Commissioners) need to wake up and realize that public safety needs help.