suerprincipal 2 years, 4 months ago on Letter: Hall's request to columnist was foolish

Eddie Johnson MUST GO on November 6th.  Please remove this guy from the BOE it is shameful when he runs meetings.  If we get our heads in gear we can make NCSS a great system but the corrupt cronies of Dennis Carpenter need to be sent packing he has been in charge of hiring too darn long and say what you want about Dr. Clamp but he would have given him walking papers long ago.


suerprincipal 2 years, 4 months ago on Newton Chamber president asks columnist to stop writing

Mr. Hall why didn't you ask the board why no one has had the NCSO look in to allegations of missing or mismanaged club funds at Alcovy High? Why didn't you ask the BOE what they intend to do to improve graduation rates?


suerprincipal 2 years, 4 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 9, 2012

When asked if she was concerned about being accepted in the school and community, Brown said that one of her strong suits was building relationships with people and that she was not concerned at all.


suerprincipal 2 years, 6 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for July 29, 2012

To the new Alcovy Teachers and the old please remember  this and document  all year long.  Last year some of us had to resort to using tape recorders.  Document every move by the whole Leadership Team.   Also, according to GTDRI:             A notification conference is required anytime a teacher receives written             notification and documentation for each new incident on the GTDRI. The       purpose of the conference is to: • explain the deficient area; • discuss the subject of concern; • clarify action(s) required; and • discuss the time frame for


suerprincipal 2 years, 7 months ago on Lindsey sends former AHS employee cease and desist notice

Just remember yall who sent this email out:   Also, please be aware that if any calls have been placed from AHS that I am completely unaware. There have not been any reports made to me about phone calls of this nature coming from AHS. It is concerning that Teacher X was in the building on such dates. Although I am in no way accusing him of making such phone calls, it is simply concerning that a person that has stated blatant untruths about my behavior on a school trip was in the building on the dates that Ms. Black references in her letter. Again, please note that I am in no way accusing Teacher X of making such calls, I am simply pointing out that the coincidence is concerning to me.   There is an earlier Newton Citizen article using this email quote from LaQuanda Carpenter pointing fingers.  Oh no my school is failing miserably.  45% Math 2 EOCT failures for 2012.  64% Grad Rate - LOWEST in NCSS and beneath the state average - yeah Baxter really wants to come to this S%^&*HOLE.  


suerprincipal 2 years, 8 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Search for quality education leaves public schools out of the equation

I love this. This guy kicks butt and has so many truth haters that can't stomach the truth but the truth never changes does it my peeps? Totally kicks butt and I'd say this is a wake up call and warning that our legislators are fed up with public school failure. GO EAGLES!