roylee 2 years, 10 months ago on Top three city manager finalists announced

Last person you want as a city manager is a bean counter. Hire a people person. Life is about relationships. It is through relationships that we get things done in business and even government. Choose the person with the skills-set who is most likely to encourage, build, foster and utilize relationships.


roylee 2 years, 10 months ago on Council divided over city manager appointment

Hire a unbiased, professional mediator/negotiator, get back behind closed doors and hammer out a decision. A mediator with no ties to any of the three candidates or the council would likely help to produce quality discussion among the council members. It seems that any of the three on the short list should be well qualified to serve or should have never made as a finalists. In such a mediation process, each council member can have his/her say because often people feel shut out and will not cooperated in a process if they cannot openly put forth their ideas and thoughts about an issue. Don't waste more tax money by re-opening the process and starting from scratch. Go back to work City Council, do your job and get this appointment made now!