pcwizard 2 years, 8 months ago on Mayor, homeless shelter supporters meet

If this organization feels that "This organization is only accountable in terms of financial statements and financial matters to the shelter's board, the state of Georgia and to the federal government, not to the city of Covington, not to the mayor." then maybe the city needs to let them fail on their own. If their own board does not think it's important enough to show up for meetings then why should anyone else try to step in and help them. Let Conyers and Rockdale county send their homeless to Atlanta if they are not going step up and support the shelter.


pcwizard 3 years, 9 months ago on Library to cut staff, hours

The staff has not been told as much as is in the papers and have been left in the dark wondering when the ax will drop. The staff feels the director treats them with no respect and does not share information with them they need to do their jobs as she would like, so they fail. They are very stressed and can make no suggestions because she is new to the system and feels everything done before she was hired must be wrong. Would you offer any suggestions if you were going to be given a warning for not supporting her and her ideas even if you knew something could be done to help the situation?