motowidow 2 years, 5 months ago on Library in need of repairs

Why is it costing so much to replace the carpet and why is a local company not doing it? I am sure if someone local could do it, they would give you a better deal. Why can't the employees and some good citizen volunteers help with the moving of the collection to save that cost? Where is the community spirit and helpfulness? Tell me when to be there and I will show up. As for the HVAC, I am sure it can be done cheaper than one million dollars. What are they putting in there, systems made of gold? We need to put some couponers on that Board of Trustees. LOL. So easy to spend other peoples money than to shop around for the best deals.


motowidow 3 years, 6 months ago on Student allegedly attacked in Alcovy classroom

If parents would properly raise their children to not act like neanderthals and hold them accountable for their actions, they would behave correctly. It's the laziness of the parents and the lax atitude of law enforcement which allows this type of behavior to continue. Unfortunately, it's the good kids at this, and all schools, that suffer from this type of behavior. Those kids may get suspended which will only allow them to roam the streets and continue that bad behavior. Bring someone into that school that will control those thugs and let the other kids go to school in peace and safety. Good luck to you all!