motherof2 3 years, 1 month ago on LETTER: Don't overlook the good at Alcovy High School

I have 2 children that graduated from Alcovy. I transfered them from EHS to Alcovy as I am an employee of the county. We were very satisfied with the education our children received from both schools. ALL schools have the same issuses with fighting, drugs, food fights, gangs, etc. the list could go on and on. My children have told me things that I could not hardly beleive that went on in school by some students. Many students have no self respect much less respect for the educators that are trying to help them! RSA, you said it well in the above post! I totally agree with your quote, "This issue about the "food fight" is not with the Administration or Teachers of the school. The issue is with the parents of the students. The parents need to take responsibility for training and disciplining their children instead of blaming the Administrators and Teachers for their children's unruly and unacceptable behavior. PARENTS, IT IS TIME TO GROW UP! YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING AND LEARNING FROM YOU! That is the truth!"