mommy2three 3 years, 2 months ago on mommy2three

I for one will be happy when everything that happens in the Newton county school system is not blamed on two certain people. The comment above had nothing to do with who is sleeping with who, it has to do with the wastefulness of the BOE.


mommy2three 3 years, 4 months ago on School board to decide on network room this month

I understand the importance of the network room. What I do not understand is why all schools are not on the same "playing field" for technology in the schools. Why do we continue to spend funds on schools for additional technology while we still have schools without basic technology. I would love to see my child given the opportunity to use technology such as activboards, i pads, etc. in him daily education. How are we to expect teachers to provide the same level of education across the county for the new CCGPS frameworks without the proper resources for the classroom. The state and federal goverments allow for a free and appropriate education for the students of Newton County, it is about time that the county, state and federal goverments provide this!