missyslove 2 years, 11 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Dec. 2, 2012

It really makes me sick to keep seeing and hearing all the hateful comments about all the people on food stamps. Yes..there are a lot of families on food stamps and that should tell people something. I get sick of hearing how if you're poor then you don't deserve a holiday dinner. Obviously the people who keep making these comments have PLENTY and have never known what it's like to have to feed a family on food stamps. Most of the people who spent money to have a holiday meal will end up going hungry for the rest of the month because they spent most of their funds trying to have a holiday dinner for their family. Something most people take for granted. And NO..you can't buy whatever you want on EBT....only food items may be purchased so if you need toilet paper ...deodarant..laundry detergent...you're out of luck. I hope the person who wrote that isn't raising their kids to have the same hateful attitude towards the poor that they have displayed here in their comment..and personally I think they should be ashamed of themselves for posting such things and especially at CHRISTmas...and I'm sure they probably sit in church on Sunday proclaiming to be a Christian and then pass by a homeless person and act like they don't exist. Perhaps the person who wrote that should only buy THEIR kids one gift or maybe even none at all and instead make them serve the homeless on Christmas and teach them to have some EMPATHY for those who are less fortunate than them. Selfish ignorant people make me sick and anyone who feels that way about the poor doesn't even deserve a Christmas! YOU are exactly what's wrong with society.


missyslove 3 years, 5 months ago on Final student enrollment drops at Newton schools

This should just tell you how many people have been forced to leave Newton county since the economy has gotten so bad...it's for sure they do absolutely nothing to help keep people here once they lose their jobs and their money and their homes ...and help them get back on their feet. They just want more and more money to live here and if you don't have it I think they're glad to see them move on to another place...sad but true.


missyslove 3 years, 5 months ago on DDS launches Secure ID program

So I guess this means that people like me that are now homeless due to the economy will no longer be able to even get a license...we lost literally everything and have been living in a motel for two years and it seems like ever since it happened we just keep getting treated worse and worse and things keep getting harder and harder for people in our situation..it's almost like now that we are in this situation this where they want us to stay cuz I don't see ANYONE doing ANYTHING to help people get back on their feet..if anything they are making it harder. How the hell do you produce all the things they want when they don't even exist for some people anymore?....it's almost like we are supposed to just drop dead or crawl in a hole somewhere and cease to exist. I think this is blatant discrimination against the poor and homeless ...why can't exceptions be made for people in these circumstances?...I've had a DL all my life and have a clean driving record and background..not so much as a traffic ticket and now I will be punished for being poor and homeless?.....good one Newton County..I was raised here ..had a respectable business here for years ..was a productive member of the community and this is how I...and others like me who have fallen on hard times get treated here?....perhaps it's time to leave my home town..the place I have raised my family and tear my kids away from here...it's not like they haven't already lost enough but between this and the cost to get power here and the cost of living and lack of resources for us here we may have no choice in the matter. But I'm beginning to believe that that's exactly what the people who run things want..to run all the poor people out of town so they don't have to fool with them anymore. Geez....why don't yall just take us all out and shoot us and be done with it cuz thanks to things like this it's becoming simply IMPOSSIBLE for some families to even live or survive.....and it's becoming very clear we are just not welcome anywhere anymore..at least not without the proper paperwork. Doesn't even sound like the land of the free anymore..we are no longer human beings...WE'RE NOTHING BUT A NUMBER.