max0797 2 years, 1 month ago on Three Newton principals set to retire

I must respond to amp72. Sometimes promoting from in the system is a good thing. Look at the 3 schools that are losing their principals. Three of the most successful schools in Newton County. Schools that have very little faculty turn over. Happy schools are successful schools. It is hard to watch strong leaders leave their post but those things happen. However a principal is not the only person that makes a school strong. Being successful is a combination of Assistant Principals, teachers, paraprofessionals and all the support staff in a school. If you have a strong Assistant Principal, who has proven themselves. If you have someone who is well-liked and respected by not only the staff but the parents and students, Someone that can move into a principal position of a SUCCESSFUL school without the school ever missing it beat. To bring someone in that could change the dynamics of a successful school would be a terrible mistake. Amp72 makes the comment "If we don't (bring new people in) then we are doomed to continue doing the same things we have been doing, which obviously isn't working". Sometimes it IS working. There is a saying " If it ain't broke, don't fix it". There are schools in Newton County that are broken BUT these 3 are most definitely not. These are strong, healthy, schools who have strong people in place. Take time to look at their scores on achievement test. Let's don't rock the boat if it is sailing smoothly. Move people within that school who have proven themselves future leaders and strong educators. Don't let surrounding counties get our best and brighest upcoming leaders because IT IS HAPPENING. These educators are highly sought by other counties. We must keep them in Newton County. Bringing in people that have no connection or commentment to Newton County or it's school system is not always the best thing to do. I think that has been proven. Educational leaders who have children that have grown up in our school system, who have been a contributing citizen of this county make it a better place. We have some incredible people waiting in the wings for a principal position. I hope that job opens here for them.


max0797 2 years, 1 month ago on Gingrich coming to Covington

Someone has got to step forward and run against John Douglas. He is NOT good for this county. I also know that in past local elections John Douglas has looked high and low for any person to run as a Republican candidate against a democrat. Makes me wonder what motivates Mr. Wade to run against Schultz. I thought with Mort Ewing out maybe every elected commissioner would stand up and make their own decisions. The decisions that are best for the county and what the people that elected them wanted. However with John Douglas as a commissioner this county may in time wish Ole' Mort was back.


max0797 2 years, 2 months ago on LETTER: Don't overlook the good at Alcovy High School

I am an employee of NCSS. I have no association with Alcovy HS. I work in an elementary school. The problem with unruly students disrupting educational opportunities for others is not a HS problem only. With most of these students, it begins early. I know of many elementary students across all grade levels that will bring a class to a standstill. Many of the parents of these children, even at this young age, have lost control of them at home as well. They send these students to school with the attitude they are your problem deal with it. They are NOT JUST the teachers problem.....they become the problem of all the students in that class who can do NOTHING about it. Many times they cause other "borderline" students to follow their behavior. The most frustrating part is the problem it causes for those students that struggle on a daily basis. The ones that need the classroom teacher to focus on helping them learn. The students that WANT to learn. Once a student begins to pitch a tantrum it destroys the learning atmosphere in a classroom. The teacher's hands are tied. They call the office for help with these students..sometimes administrators come...sometimes they are too busy. In these cases, an administrator MUST be administrator must make sure the parents know this behavior will not be tolerated.. That is NOT happening. Principals don't want to send young students home because parents will leave them home alone. These students get a stern talk, a little time out, maybe a piece of candy and sent back to class. We begin at this point to teach them there are no serious consequences for bad behavior. Most are glad for the time out of the classroom. Administrator of schools in this county have got to get tough on consequences for students (and parents) at all grade levels and schools, that continually disrupt classes. In most cases, it is the same child over and over. These children have learned the admins do not what to upset them because then they have to deal with a physical altercation (in some cases) with an out of control student so we "feed the beast" by tiptoeing around this child. It IS the parent's responsibility to raise their child to understand right from wrong BUT in the absence of that happening administrators have got to TAKE control and let both child and PARENT know we WILL NOT let this child hinder other's education. NCSS promises a safe learning environment for all students. It is time to step up and walk the walk not just talk the talk. If we want test scores to improve, we have to stop the kids in schools that are interfering with learning so our highly qualified teachers can teach. This is what makes the NC Theme School successful.