mathisja 2 years, 5 months ago on Porterdale council candidates speak out on gym, other issues

The other problem with Grants are they are not totally free money, all Grants have to have a matching part by the municipality that is receiving it. Ms. Finger stated that she watches every penny and also mentioned that all extra expenses should be cut, if awarded these magical Grants the city has to pay their share in order to receive the funds. Also the COPS Grant that was mentioned by Arline Chapman has been mis-represented to the citizens that were in attendance that night, a gentleman stood up and stated that the city should pursue that grant because even if it permits an officer for just one year it would be worth it. This grant does not work that way, initially the Grant funds would cover the entire expense of the Officer's salary, after a period of time the City would have to start paying a percentage of that money and the Grant amount would decrease until the city is covering the entire salary and benefits package offered to that position, then the city is obligated to keep that postion for a period of time after the funds have run out or they have to pay back the entire amount that was awarded in the Grant. So before you believe the campain promises and jargon make sure that what you are being told is actually the facts. Even in small town politics half truths are being told in order to gain a new position or hold on to the one they have.