mastertrainer 2 years, 11 months ago on GPC president touts college's successes

Dr. Tricoli is a true leader. I have known him for about five years, and have seen great programs instituted by him. He has a vision for the future, has the ideas, philosophies, and knowledge to make things happen in a positive way. I truly believe that he cares for the GPC students, staff, and faculty. He is recognized as a national leader in higher education. I am delighted to see that the Newton campus is growing, and that the students are meeting TAG requirements. I am also very proud, and happy that GPC is taking care of active duty personnel, and veterans of the United States military. I am very pleased that our youth are continuing their education. I hope Dr. Tricoli will be around for a long time to see his visions through. My hat is also off to the fine students at the Newton, and the other four campuses. Keep up the great work Dr. Tricoli, and to the faculty, and staff.