lisahobart 2 years, 8 months ago on Family members arrested after using stun gun on 17-year-old

This young girl is VERY smart, determined and has the drive of more adults I've ever known and will one day have an extremely powerful and life changing testimony BUT ONLY with the power of God. Everyone that reads this or knows YOU, THE READER, or this young lady and her family need to pray like never before. God has GOT to give this girl the strength she needs to turn her first 17 years of life into something remarkable and life changing. If she can pull through this, her testimony will one day change lives!!!! My heart is broken, as well as my daughters', and I would give just about ANYTHING to wrap my arms around this beautiful teenager and hold her as long as needed. I hope one day she finds comfort in these comments and the memories she has shared with my family and my daughter. Regardless of what we've been through over the years, we love you sweetie and I believe in you and expect great things from you, but more importantly, will ALWAYS be here for you!!! Love, Ms. Lisa