levelhead 2 years, 5 months ago on SPLOST could purchase safety equipment, help property taxes

I know many people are against the SPLOST. But if we sit back and lok at the situation the SPOLOST can be a win for manu including the property owners and teachers. If SPLOST is passed then that is a one percent sales tax that all visitors to Newton CO. pay for not just the citizens of the county. How can this be a bad thing. When we go to Rockdale Co or Stonecrest we are paying a sales tax to fund things in these counties. The schools and commisioners are going to get what they want one way or the other, thus meaning taxes will be raised to fund what they need. Instead of just sitting back and complaining about how the school system has been lately I feel like we have started a new leaf with the exit of the Carpenders. If they have to cut from the general fund to fund construction or maintenance then teachers will pay the ultimate price. Is this really what we want to do just because we dont agree with how the schools have been handled as of lately. Look at how much they have saved us by the curtrent SPLOST that have been used and see how much you as a tax payer would have had to fund and not allow others who shop in our county to help pay the tab. Look at how much the school system would have suffered without the current SPLOST, how many teachers may have lost thier jobs. When we sit back and take a breath it makes more sense to let others help us pay for something that we will have to pay for in the long run.