kwagigi 2 years, 8 months ago on Covington approves tobacco ban in parks

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You guys are banning smoking outside, essentially. It's not like people who smoke are wandering over to non-smokers in parks and blowing in their faces. My husband and I enjoy going to the local parks, and while he is a smoker and I'm not, it has never once bothered me that he was smoking. Outside. In the open air.

Really, Covington? What's next? Are we going to ban smoking in our front yards? On the porches of restaurants?

Please bear in mind: I loathe smoking. It is terrible for you. However, if you want to smoke, it's not like it's an illegal substance. It's your body, your choice.


kwagigi 3 years ago on kwagigi

You guys gotta be kidding me. Pot runs rampant in high schools because it's easy to obtain. If we educated our children better about these things, they would make better decisions about what kind of drugs they allow in their lives. Seriously, some people act as though they never did any weed when they were teenagers. How ridiculous. I think the kid was stupid for bringing it to school, but even dumber for giving it to some other kid. You want to get high? Get high on your own or with your good friends, and NOT at school. Jeez. I wonder about this generation. Just so you guys know, I graduated 10 years ago, smoked pot nearly every day, and was an honors student. Marijuana doesn't make you dumber, but sometimes, dumb people use marijuana.


kwagigi 3 years, 6 months ago on kwagigi

I'm all for free speech, but if someone is making a scene at anyone who walks by, shouldn't he be told to make a scene somewhere less populated? What do we do when someone is disturbing the peace? Downtown Covington is quiet, and I like that. Can't we keep it that way?