kt 2 years, 10 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Time to restore support, integrity, dollars to classroom teachers

Private schools are better, and parents should have an option of sending their kids to a GOOD school with the money they EARN. Because people don't want to be sending their kids to school with thugs and bullies who get passed through grades to meet a racial/financial/gender oriented status quo, even if they are lacking the basic competences to do so.

Attacking parents who want better for their kids then what the NCSS Is handing out isn't the way to go. Getting involved in your child's school, disciplining them at home, and making sure that they know, without a doubt, education is the #1 priority in YOUR home, will start changing the public schools immediately.


kt 2 years, 10 months ago on Students taken to hospitals after bus accident

This scares me to death. What if, god forbid, we have an incident like Newtown? If they can't figure out who is who on a BUS, in a more controlled situation, and alert those parents to a problem, there are way greater issues here then bad drivers. What if your kid had a life threatening medication allergy?

I'm mad for you. And for your baby. I hope she's ok.