kiwanisauditor 1 year, 11 months ago on Alcovy principal sues over website comments

Stephanie LIndsey has done serious damage to her career and judge options. It will never happen now. Hackers are attacking emails and FB and have so prove to anyone that the IP or ISPor profile means squat.

People in excess of 200 to 300 are writing about you people and have since the December 2009 farce at Clements Middle School.

Blame blame sue sue anything else that actually doing your job


kiwanisauditor 1 year, 12 months ago on Alcovy principal sues over website comments

Amp you are right on they would do anything to get rid of Mr Meadors. He is the teller of the truth and that is painful for some. He is also the one that will shoot straight with you and help flush out some of this mess.


kiwanisauditor 2 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for April 22

He is focusing on local issues. The biggest local problem we have is NEPOTISM.


kiwanisauditor 2 years ago on Carpenter up for Mississippi superintendent position

Parents who addressed the board Tuesday night noted neither Gray nor Carpenter is from a district with a makeup similar to JPS. Both men are in smaller school districts.

Neither has experience with turning around troubled districts and crisis management, Larkin said.

Amy Forbes, who has two children in JPS, asked the board "not to settle for anything less than what they (students) deserve, what they need."

Monica Cannon, Jennifer West and others from the Midtown community met Sunday to discuss the candidates and raised questions about both men Tuesday night.

"What we heard and what we wanted, it didn't match," Cannon said of Gray and Carpenter.

The district needs someone equipped to immediately handle the problems in JPS, West said.

"What they're doing is the same old thing, just with a new shirt on," she said of Gray and Carpenter.