kimberlybrown 3 years, 8 months ago on Porterdale Yellow River Park gets planning aid from National Park Service

Rubincon in Ga: Two members of the Yellow River Preservation & Conservation walked the Newton Trail nature path and concrete multi use trail this afternoon. The only Newton Trail at this time in Porterdale is directly off of the Porterdale Depot parking area that ties directly in the Yellow River Park. All littering was cleaned from path, surrounding areas and from the park today. There was very little litter, no signs of illegal dumping, no off road vehicle marks or homelessness. There were a few spots where the grass flatten out, most likely where the deer have been sleeping. The area you have mentioned above may be the cut through path, that is private property, not city or Newton Trail related. The Porterdale Police have contacted the owner if this property, months ago and are working on this problem. The Porterdale Police have also curbed much of the activity that became a problem for area residents. The Newton Trail will be clearly marked from the Depot parking area tomorrow for everyone to use. With the leaves turning colors its a nice trail, enjoy it! If I'm in error please contact me through Thank you !