junebug 2 years, 10 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for April 8

so isee that there is a guy running for the couty chairman whats the point if he has no power or say so


junebug 2 years, 11 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for March 18

So the paper has apologize for one of the strongest foundations of the great United States of America “Freedom of Speech”.. Defeat is once again ours. racism and being just ignorant is where you have failed. If you want your child to learn how your people was treated it should be done as a family learning experience. As a father of a kindergarten this age of a child which is still learning Math and English skills has no concerns of that era. You ever thought now how my child will look at yours. You wonder why this subject is so hard for you to comprehend when someone else mentions it. For the writer who knocks on the white thug that’s where your ignorants shows. He is a soldier who put your corwardly being before him so that you can hide behind your key board while he is fighting demons that I pray you never have to face.