jjhayden3rd 2 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for June 30, 2013

Now you got me started!

No matter what we do, there is a finite amount of land/space for waste landfill in Newton County.

By my direct observation 50% to 75% of users of our “recycling” center do not even attempt to recycle anything. They park near the compactor and stuff bag after bag into it then drive away. The next most abused collection point is “bulk waste” which collects things people are prevented, by size or sometime staff from forcing into the compactor. Where do they think items from the compactor and bulk waste go? Into the landfill is where they go.

Here’s my suggestion: every resident of Newton County should have a hang-tag with a magnetic strip that they use when they enter a recycling center. The weight of their vehicle is recorder going in and again when coming out. All recyclable material is weighed as it is put in its bins. You would receive a statement when leaving that charges you for material going into the land fill and credits you for material that can be recycled. At the end of the year you get a statement from the county showing what you owe or what is due to you for your recycled materials.

You want recycling that actually works and pays for its self? Here’s a way to do it.


jjhayden3rd 2 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for June 30, 2013

If we didn’t have any government, we wouldn’t have to pay any taxes. This seems to be the underlying theme behind the TeePartier, anarchists and other antisocial dunderheads who seem to be able to spend time and gas money to show up at events in public places while the silent majority is at work trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we find that These People, are part of our society and when we do things like having a local government to take on the common problems, like roads, public safety, health and a justice system, they not only get to partake in the benefits of these resources, they have the right (until the regressives in the legislatures stop us) to speak their opinions on any topic that wish. Just remember, opinions are like heads, everyone has one.

So to these would be free-loaders: you are living in a society, not a desert island, by yourself. Taxes are what we pays as dues to have the quality of life we expect in Newton County. If you really want a county with almost no taxes, move to Mississippi where there are places that are worse that 3rd world countries.

If you want a place with good roads, schools, and all the other things that make a place worth calling home, then pay up. It’s your duty.


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If libraries & especially the Newton County Library system's 3 locations are "irrelevant" and soon to be replaced by the Internet (where "everything is true because you can't lie on the Internet") then why are there people filling our libraries? Because there are so many more things in libraries in addition to books: CDs (audio books) DVDs, all sorts of printed material and many programs aimed at the needs of young and old.

I know some don't want to hear this but people can use the services of the library to discover the facts and check up on what government and businesses are up to. In tough economic times the library is the only place many people can go to apply for jobs as well as self-educate in order to get a better or different job.

Too bad libraries are "becoming obsolete".


jjhayden3rd 2 years, 7 months ago on Scenic route

I hope the cyclist figured out how to stay on his side of the road rather than riding down the stripes in the middle.


jjhayden3rd 2 years, 8 months ago on Early voting proves popular

The ability to vote for our elected officials is the cornerstone of our democratic repulic. Earl;y voting provides that opportunity for working people who might not be able to vote in the usual first-Tuesday-in-November election.

Its too bad for us that we cannot verify our actual vote and have to accept the results reported by the corporation that supplies the computers.


jjhayden3rd 2 years, 9 months ago on Jack Simpson: Are we willing to gamble on another term for Obama?

The real question is can we trust the Romney-Ryan & company to do what they have stated they will do? Start a war with Iran, end Midicare & Medicaid, Turn social Security over to Wall Street & the gambler-bankers, get workers to be thasnkful to work for a $1 a day. If your income is less than $250,000/year (middle income according to Mr. Romney), watch you taxes go up. If it is in the millions watch them go down. I'm not making this up. These are the action items the R&R team have both stated and written that they plan to accomplish. Enjoy.


jjhayden3rd 2 years, 9 months ago on Darrell Huckaby: In presidential politics, the truth hurts

The real shame is that we have 47% who work in jobs that pay so little that they are exempt from income tax. The real fact is the EVERYONE PAYS TAXES: sales taxes, FICA and so on. The irony is that a man who's income is so great that he uses tax loop-holes to pay no income tax is complaing about others who make so little that they are exempt.


jjhayden3rd 2 years, 10 months ago on Letter: 'It doesn't matter'

There are two competing issues tied up in the voter-ID issue: the right to cast a vote in an election and the necessary requirement that only registered citizens have that right to cast a vote. The Patriot Act of 2002 eliminated several of the rights U.S. citizens once had and has put us well down the road toward a police state. One of the requirements of the act is that we must all show proof that we are U.S. Citizens, born in the U.S. or naturalized to get a government issued ID. As a result we now are required to present our papers to authorities on demand. This is wasn’t the case before 9/11 and the U.S.A. Patriot Act. When it comes to elections the real question is what are the problems? Is voter fraud a real problem? The G.W. Bush Justice department studied the matter and found fewer than 100 instances of illegal voting across the entire U.S. and the majority of such votes were for voting in the wrong polling place. The study ignored the fact that where voting is computerized, there is no way to verify that the numbers in the computer match up to real votes. On top of all of this is the history in the south of denying the vote to anyone not deemed to be worthy of voting such as too poor, illiterate, or the wrong skin color. This denial was part of state laws and enforced by terroristic actions. Today the Voter-ID law will effectively eliminate those who cannot afford to collect the required papers and then spend the time and expense to travel to the government office to get the mandatory ID. The real issue is should we deny the right to vote in U.S. elections to millions of citizens in order to try to stop 100 illegal votes.


jjhayden3rd 2 years, 10 months ago on Rob Jenkins: Another new school year, another lesson in basic Socialism

No, What this means is that we underfund public education to the extent that the two groups most effected, parents/gaurdians and teachers must make up the difference. This is eth same as asking the heavy equipment operator to provide the fuel for his/her machines.


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Face it head-on folks. We get the schools we pay for. A first class private school charges from $20,000 to $50,000 per year per student and still has a fund-raising department. Newton County Schools spend almost $8,000 each year per student which is more than the average expendature for the state of Georgia. When you buy cheap goods, you really shouldn't expect top quality. NCSS gives us more than we pay for. If you want to see where the porblem lies, go look in a mirror.