insideye 10 months ago on Firearms law exempts law officers in line of duty

Dennistay53 - Do you carry a firearm as part of your job? Probably not - but officers who do need to practice more than the one time a year (which is what Ga. POST requires). Plus, deputies, officers and troopers can't afford to go to local firing ranges to uphold or sharpen their skills. We entrust peace officers with the right to deadly force - I believe we can trust them to use good judgement when practicing with their weapons.


insideye 10 months, 1 week ago on Firearms law exempts law officers in line of duty

It's obvious that Douglas doesn't like anyone with authority over him (mainly law enforcement). He didn't like the Conyers Police Department pulling him over on I-20 a few years back and now he wants to use his authority to get back at local peace officers.

Sheriff Brown stated it correctly " It's not going to change the scope of our intent."

Get over it John - push someone else around.


insideye 12 months ago on Crash kills one at Ga. Highway 162 and County Line Road in Newton County

A good man taken way too early! REST IN PEACE and know that you made a difference in a lot of people's lives! You will be missed!


insideye 1 year, 2 months ago on Covington Police initiates Assigned Officer program with eight new Dodge Chargers

Covingtonian - REALLY! Officers car pooling? REALLY! Why don't we just require all law enforcement officers to live at the station. Heck, we can just house them at the Newton County Law Enforcement Center next to the people they put in there. Better yet - we can just get the Newton County School System's buses to transport them to work. Maybe we'll let them go home on their off days.

You are right about gas prices - but it you consider the reduced wear & tear on take home cars - the City will save money down the road. I bet if one of these officers lived next to you - you wouldn't mind the visiblity of a police car parked next to your home (deters would-be criminals). These men and women put their life on the line each day they go to work - and get minimal pay for doing it. I say this is a good idea. I would encourage the Chief to monitor the fuel usage over the next couple of years and decide if there needs to be restrictions on how far an officer can travel from the city limits to his/her home. A lot of departments allow 25 miles - which is reasonable.


insideye 1 year, 2 months ago on Covington approves tobacco ban in parks

Does this ban include the employees of the Newton County Recreation Department? I've seen a lot of their employees using smokless tobacco - which doesn't bother me - but if the parents can't dip or chew - the employees shouldn't be allowed too. And further more - who in the world is going to enforce this rule? Are we going to expect our local law enforcement officers to deal with this?


insideye 1 year, 3 months ago on Covington's public safety officials offer new community outreach

Blah-Blah-Blah! Isn't this the 2nd time the CPD has tried to launch this "do nothing" program. I anticipate about the same result as they had on the first time they marketed this program - NOTHING! Word of advise: the people who live in their community have to WANT to participate. The problem neighborhoods in Covington are inhabited by people who simply don't care and who will not get involved when police ask for their help. My suggestion is to flood these neighborhoods with officers/detectives/inspectors/etc.. that will get rid of the problem makers (thugs, deadbeat parents, unethical landlords, etc). It's not going to happen by asking citizens of these neighborhoods to take responsibility. Heck - the good citizens in these neighborhoods are scared to death and are relying on law enforcement to do their jobs. Get out from behind your desk Captain Malcom and join the fight.


insideye 1 year, 3 months ago on Letter: Newton should heed lessons learned in other counties

Mr. Edwards,

After reading your letter, I take it that you obviously love your community. For that I applaud your loyality. However, if you believe that local elected officials don't have their best interest at heart - you are sadly mistaken. Take a good look at the majority of the elected officials in the Covington/Newton County area. PLEASE. I've stopped watching TV for my daily dose of comedy I just read and watch the local politians. Have you not been watching the circus at the Newton County Board of Education? Did you get a chance to read JC Henderson's letter a few years back? The list goes on and on. Corruption and unethical behavior in local politics are at an all time high. The days of the "Little House on the Prairie" where community leaders actually care about their towns and neighbors are OVER. You may still find that type of political atmosphere in North or South Dakota, but not here in the jungle. Your words seemed loyal but don't get your feelings hurt when you open the local news and read another example of local political stupidity.