guesswho 3 years, 6 months ago on Newton Sheriff offers drivers education course for teens

You people find the smallest topic to make a negative remark about. The current elected Sheriff Brown has done a lot more for the county than the former Sheriff. When Joe Nicholas was in office you didn't have much to say, but we all know why that was.. hmmmm.. Newton County is still stuck in the 1930's and will never change because of the continuing cycle. This world is slowly dying away because of negativity and so on. All you care about is if he is worried about a reelection well I think you are more than he is.. Get a life! Everyone in Newton County could benefit from a few hours of driving lessons, because the current youth could careless about safety. Parents need to be more involved as well and stay off Facebook and get back to being a parent. Budget cuts happen every year in every county and I don't see normal people blogging about their county's budget crisis or is it because you are probably jobless or hate your current situation. Stop bringing personal issues on a public news site. Have a blessed 2012!