gotoutofnewtoncounty 1 year, 10 months ago on Alcovy principal: No calls, threats to those in suit

I have heard quite enough of this. People are making threats from the high school but you are "unaware of it"? Seems that you are blissfully "unaware" of a LOT that goes on in the school that YOU'RE supposed to be RUNNING! As for the band trip in question, I heard about your behavior on that trip RIGHT AFTER THE STUDENTS RETURNED FROM IT TWO YEARS AGO!! BEFORE any of this nonsense started!! The sooner this is over, the better. Oh god PLEASE let this judge have some measure of sense and put this whole mess in its place!


gotoutofnewtoncounty 1 year, 11 months ago on Mathews addresses web comments

That's funny, because as a parent I've been to the school unannounced plenty of times as well. Every time I've been there it's like a zoo. Running, yelling, teachers yelling, an office full of students wanting to talk to the principal about changing classes because they are being bullied, students in trouble for fighting, etc. A nurses office full of kids crying about their boyfriends and how they got in fistfights in the hall. I've even seen kids pushing, fighting and selling drugs in full view of the faculty. Are you sure we were at the same school?


gotoutofnewtoncounty 1 year, 11 months ago on Citizen attorney files motion to fight subpoena

I for one am glad she filed this lawsuit. It just confirms what everyone has been saying all along, that she has no business running that school, and that improvements in Newton County are long overdue. I got my child out of Alcovy last year, because the principal and many other of the faculty members were NOT DOING THEIR JOB. The drugs, fights, gangs, and complete lack of concern for students is a fact; what you read in the paper is only a sample of what goes down there. Let her file her lawsuit. Let it go before a judge. She is digging her own hole, and when the judge pushes her into it some long overdue changes will finally be made. Kudos the the Citizen for fighting the blatent attempt at violating our right to free speech!