glgb 2 years, 5 months ago on Darrell Huckaby: Apparently some beliefs are more entitled to free speech than others

I would be willing to bet (& I'm not really a betting person) that if the full truth were known that the organization you speak of does NOT teach young people to hate gays. It seems to me that when anyone expresses an opinion that they only believe in marriage between a man & a woman that they are haters of gay people. I believe that is FAR from the truth. I personally do feel that marriage was designed by God to be only between a man & a woman & I will never change that opinion. However, I do have & have had friends who are gay & I do NOT treat them any differently than anyone else. The only thing that bothers me is if they become vocal about it & claim that all who do not agree with them hate them!!!!!! To me this is a ridiculous thought! You can be friends with people & even love them while not totally agreeing with their lifestyle.

I am totally baffled by some of the things that you are saying as a pastor's spouse. I know many pastors & their spouses who treat all people equally even if they don't agree with all of their beliefs!