georgiagrown 3 years ago on School board continues reviewing policies

GAG -- Staff Conflict of Interest

Our elected Board of Education members are going to vote on whether this policy should be eliminated Tuesday, November 27. We cannot let this policy be abolished. This seems to be such a simple policy but it is one that can change the morale in ALL our schools.

It states that administrators and supervisors employed by the BOE shall not directly supervise, evaluate or recommend for continuation of contract or termination of employment family members.

Even if this policy is covered under some other state policy, we need this in place in Newton County now more than ever. This is already happening much more than most are aware of. Please email Dr.Mathews ( or any board member before Tuesday's meeting. You can find board members addresses list on the Newton County School Systems web page under the tab Board of Education. I, as many of you, have tried to stay out of all that has been going on in the county but this is too important to sit quietly by. All you have to do is let Dr. Mathews or a board member(which ever you are more comfortable with) know you are NOT in favor of abolishing this policy. Short and sweet but well worth your time. I have already voiced my opinion. Please voice yours and encourage others to voice theirs as well.