farmboy 3 years, 1 month ago on Letter: Strauss understands challenges of his constituents

I agree about the comments about Henry. Have class Mr. Henry. Do not criticize Brenda she is not the enemy. I have known her for over 14 years. She has outstanding character. High integrity. I trust her judgement on people. She always says how it really is in a very classy way. She would never slam someone she did not know on a blob. By the way she does not drink. I hope people see through people like Henry and vote Strauss.


farmboy 3 years, 1 month ago on Letter: Strauss will answer only to voters of District 1

How can Henrystamm say Mr. Strass can not tell the truth. He really does not know this man. Strauss tells the people where he stands on issues. He is the only one putting the correct facts out there. Mr. Douglas says he is against the T-Splost, but why did he vote in the Senate for penalties to the counties that does not vote for it. Yes, there is a clause where county's matching funds goes from 10% to 30% on state road projects if it does not pass in Newton County. John Douglas had his chance to voted it down when he was in the Senate. Sounds to me Douglas wants TSPLOST to pass too, but wants to say what is popular. You really do not know where John Douglas stands. That sounds like National politics. John Strauss wants to follow the 2050 plan that keeps District 1 Rural. Read the plan. The population is going to grow. Do you want them spread out in our farm land on condense in a small area outside District 1? If want to keep District 1 rural vote for Strauss.


farmboy 3 years, 1 month ago on District 1, 3 candidates face off at forum

Douglas only wants to be elect for his ego, this 5 try at 5 different offices in last 20 years. He says he is for the 2050 plan, has he read it? The plan calls for small dense areas of development to condense the population. This protects the farm land. Two acre minimum lots will eventually chop up the farm land and spread out the population in the District; therefore spreads out the infrastructure costing the county more to keep up, which equals higher taxes. The county is going to grow, so let’s control it, and preserve District 1. That is what Strauss wants. Strauss is for the 2050 plan that also calls for in some areas to have 5 acre minimums. Read the plan that some great leaders of Newton County worked years to develop. It really makes sense. Douglas says whatever he thinks people what to hear. He says he is for the 2050 plan so he does not offend the people that support it but he is against key elements of the plan. Will he please take a stand one way or the other? I want a commissioner that makes a decision that is best for the district and does not plays the fence. What did he get accomplish in the state senate for Newton County? Did he bring any big State dollars to the county? His experience political office did not accomplish much for the Newton County. His political experience is a negative since he has no major accomplishments for the people that elected him. Do you remember the Conyers speeding ticket scandal Douglas was in? Speeding is a crime isn’t it? I want someone as commissioner that has the best interest for district one and the Newton County. Strauss is definitively my choice.