covington0503 2 years, 3 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for May 5, 2013

Is this comment from J. Middleton for real? A landfill employee gets to use the county car for his everyday use because he is on call?? That is a bunch of crap. What about county law enforcement employees who are on 24hr call? They do not DRIVE their county vehicles everywhere. I believe they actually have a policy against driving the cars while not "on duty" being "on-call" is NOT the same as "on-duty". Being "on-call" does not give this employee the right to drive a county car everywhere. I highly doubt he works alone either. What about the employees he supervises? If he calls them in does he go pick them up? I doubt it -I bet they drive themselves to work just like most county employees! I just am appalled that was the justification to this employee driving on tax payer gas. I would have understood had they even said "The County hasn't given its employees a raise in numerous years so they let him have a take home car" better than this "24hr on call job" crap.