covington 1 year, 3 months ago on Gaither could move to private operator

I don't understand how the county came up with the $27,000 total? Can this be explained? Also, it seems that Gaithers is one of the only sites in the county where the public is invited to rent for weddings/events...where does this money go to? Why are we jumping ship now? The county purchased this land and we have spent years restoring it and now finally when it seems that the reservoir will be built we want out? I again would like to see some explanation other than just the commissioners saying we are losing money...something concrete in writing, something....I just know that the county has several other places like this- the Shoals, Lake Varner why is Gaithers being singled out? Also, I saw no mention of the personnel that operate the plantation? Is there not a caretaker? What provisions would be made for this employee who has invested time in this facility? I have more questions now than before seeing the article.....


covington 2 years, 6 months ago on Watterson announces bid for Newton sheriff

Well satisfied? That sounds so???? I don't think you got the jist of the article. I didn't gather that Mr. Watterson was talking about the county being short on budget concerns but perhaps that there are other reasons for the employees to be concerned about job security. I also think he was respectful on why he said he wanted to run. He didn't bad mouth the current Sheriff but merely pointed out he thought they had a difference of "core beliefs". The Sheriff's Office seems to have lost quite a few employees to surrounding counties so it seems he is making a valid point about improving the moral of the department. I just HATE it when people mention something about the Sheriff's Office it seems that people like you want to jump out of the woodwork and mention how others shouldn't "knock" the Sheriff. I, for one, will be listening to EVERYONE who is running and try to make a educated choice for who will be running the Sheriff's Office-who will be protecting us- for the next four years and move beyond just being "well satisfied".