clandress 2 years, 5 months ago on Newton County deputy charged with DUI

Excellent point on commended the arresting officer. It restores some of my faith in law enforcement when they take the initiative to do whats right even when it involves one of their own. Well said.


clandress 2 years, 7 months ago on Library in need of repairs

Unfortunately libraries are slowly becoming irrelevant in local communities. They must evolve or risk being eviscerated by technology. Most have done well by adding CD's, magazines, and Blueray to their material list but the widespread use of highs-speed internet will ultimately be the demise of expensive brick and mortar buildings.
It's really depressing too because there is an enormous amount of pride that the community has in its library system; myself included. There is a long held belief that libraries are the last bastions of education for anyone, regardless of social caste, willing to take the initiative to learn, I feel its one of the very few socialized institutions that are run correctly and nostalgia/pride alone will keep them alive.
That being said, I think continuing to dump money into libraries is a bad investment unless they are willing to make major changes to the way they're operated. You could buy 10,000 tablets and set up licencing deals for 100's of thousands of books for the price of a single air conditioning unit. Coupled with free internet access, that would serve the community several orders of magnitude better and offer a much more interactive experience to students that have come to expect digitized learning materials... and could be done in a fraction of the space that physical material requires at a 1/10th of the price.


clandress 3 years, 5 months ago on Judge orders Lindsey to notify web posters

This is all so very pointless. Even if the judge decides to subpoena the IP addresses from the Citizen (which would be a travesty) there are numerous cases that have upheld a landmark Illinois District court’s ruling; that an IP address does not equal a person. (See ruling here: ). It’s terrible that local tax payers will have to foot the administrative court costs to humor this woman’s delusions of grandeur. Citizens and parents of Newton should not have to worry about whether or not an anonymous person “said something mean” about their children’s principal; and if her focus will be on personal vengeance or shaping the minds of our children. I would expect to see a strong minded and thick-skinned personality in a position as important as that. All I foresee is a future legal liability and a stack of other frivolous lawsuits we’ll all have to foot the bill for.