cathy 3 years, 1 month ago on Darrell Huckaby: Apparently some beliefs are more entitled to free speech than others

why is it so right for mr. cathy to financially support organizations that actively work to deny rights to law abiding citizens of this "free" country you speak of but not ok for the citizens to withhold their equally hard earned money in protest. at one time blacks and women had no rights. haven't we learned anything! in this free country there should be no law based on religion. the issue here is not the belief but what you try to do with it. believe what you want. live how you want but be prepared for people to stand up for their indiviual rights. and if that means not putting money into a business that is going to use it to deny rights then so be it. i don't agree with banning any business for their religious beliefs but i have no sympathy for him cause sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. so much for love thy neighbor. yea i wanna go to That church. not.