bunnyharbin 2 years, 1 month ago on Rockdale woman charged in illegal dentist practice

Would you let a stranger work in your mouth without having training and documentation that proves they are credible? There are serious risks to the clients that go to a jack-leg dentist or assistant. AIDS can be passed from a drop of someone's blood or saliva. The Health Dept. needs to know she's there so they can make health inspections and be sure she's not infecting anyone. Sanitation is part of the reason for licensing. She could be passing on disease without knowing it. Working under someone elses license doesn't mean you're safe or that you know your left hand from your right - especially if you don't even know where the license holder is located. This is just another classic example of what's happening to Rockdale County and using your toothbrush or calling code enforcement isn't going to help stop this type of thing. People who don't follow rules generally can't follow them or they think the rules don't apply to them. They work from home so they have no overhead expense like licensed dentists and they can move to another spot with little trouble should they get into trouble.