bryanstephens01 2 years, 3 months ago on Obama wins second term

@Will.. calling everybody who disagrees w/u an idiot is a sensible way of showing your intelligence. Next time make sure to incorporate some facts that may sway some folks who would consider your opinion valid. Unfortunately for people such as yourself, Barack Obama couldn't have done anything to earn your vote. Do your homework and learn that congress actually stalls most progress. And the house led by the republican majority said on day one their goal was to defeat and stop Barack Obama not fix the economy so lets put the blame where it lays my friend. Don't fool yourself, you're not hiding behind your small code words and pitiful rhetoric. I can see right thru it. So take it how you may, but it would behoove some who think like you to get over it. Those w/your mentality do more to hurt the economy than Obama. Learn to live in reality, america has evolved and so must you, I actually feel sorry for you because you think you are right lol.