bmw28 3 years, 1 month ago on Alcovy principal names school board member in lawsuit

Good Afternoon, at some point in all of this there are children in Newton County that are reading,hearring and taking note of how we as adults handle conflict. Last week we sent over 1200 refreshed mine's out into the world representing Newton County and look how we are responding. Mrs. Carpenter and All bloggers I Apologize to both sides for not being able to simply say (Sorry). We are better than this and at the meeting tonight instead of pointing finger's let's do what best for the children of Newton County.


bmw28 3 years, 1 month ago on John Bowers: We 'little guys' can reclaim our country

This should be posted in every paper in America, there is so much truth in it. Time to put the train back on track. Mr. Bowers this is a great piece of work!!!!


bmw28 3 years, 1 month ago on School superintendent addresses Alcovy web comments

**Good Afternoon, I have read every post here and I think it is safe to say that we as people, county, parents, educators etc. have forgotten our roll. We should ask (am I doing whats right or whats in the best interest of the children of Newton County) ? Ok maybe mistakes where made by all involed but nobodies perfect an all are to be forgiven. Wonder why the kids do what they do just stroll back up this page and there's your answer. It's almost like that old saying: do what I tell you to but not as I do. Come on Newton County** lets put all this behind us and lets start working on becoming better.