bartsimpson 3 years, 5 months ago on Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown seeks reelection

Frustrated, you should contact your county commissioner with these concerns. Sheriff Brown is only given a limited budget to work with. I personally think he does an outstanding job given his limited resources. Our tax revenue is down in part due to the massive delinquencies on property tax collections and foreclosures. It was our commissioners that approved every request to build a subdivision in this county without considering the available law enforcement, fire services, emergency responders and utilities. Progress can be a good thing but well though out progress and future planning are even more valuable. Sheriff Brown, thank you for what you do and keep up the good work.


bartsimpson 3 years, 5 months ago on Salem overlay work begins

I don't think for one minute that selling liquor by the drink will cause a huge influx of white cloth restaurant chains to locate to the Salem Road corridor. Major restaurant chains will choose instead to be within one mile of an interstate exit. Who would want to exit I-20 and detour five miles to eat. There's not enough local income to support a major restaurant chain. Just because Walmart and Kroger have opened community retail outlets in these areas does not mean that it will become a thriving shopping district. I think a more logical geographic proposal would be the Almon road, Highway 11 district.


bartsimpson 3 years, 6 months ago on Gingrich coming to Covington

Vote how you see fit too but no need to bash John Douglas. He's no longer in office. Mr Douglas is a good man and is simply supporting a good candidate. Focus your negative comments on getting Osama out of office rather than attacking former local officials.


bartsimpson 3 years, 6 months ago on Superintendent meets with recent Newton grads

While I applaud Dr. Matthew's interest in former students, I think he would be wise to speak directly to his front line educators without their school administrators present. Seek out input from your teachers. Too often we are threatened by our principals when we seek to ask or point out issues that we are concerned about. Find a way to talk to your teachers directly without any fear of an adminstrator's retaliation. That is when you can begin to address the REAL problems and offer REAL solutions!