averagejoe 3 years, 3 months ago on Street preacher irks downtown shop owners, residents

Reading the headline the paper makes it sound like this guy has everyone in an uproar,but I read the article and the only thing the shop owners say is he is loud.I'd say he probably gets excited, as do most preachers, about the message he is delivering.Plus it is outdoors,and it wouldnt do much to stand and talk in a monotone voice if you want to get the attention of the public. It really shows just where we stand as a society when it comes to God.This man I'm sure is just reaching out and trying to do that which we Christians are commissioned to do, and that is to reach the lostI. If a preacher doesnt suit your taste surely he is not wrong just because you dont like it.Maybe instead of smearing this mans name in the paper, we all went and listened, and I mean listened to message,I bet you will find that Mr. Edwards is just as normal as you and me.One last note... lets be careful of what we disrupt,I would hate to know that I got in the way of the Lords work,I don't want to be there on judgement day and know I might have hindered someone fron hearing the word of God.