aaaa 3 years, 5 months ago on Deputies involved in neighbors arrests are disciplined

I certainly hope you are more intelligent than displayed in your comment. When anyone observe something suspicious or illegal, your involvement would be to contact law enforcement. The wrong doing of the concerned neighbors were to hold someone at gun point until law enforcement arrived. Neither you nor does anyone other than law enforcement has a right to do so, even if you have a gun and permit....I hope you understand that. The Martin case has no similarities with this case as Trayvon had every right to be in the neighborhood and was doing nothing illegal.

What is troubling is that someone with such a short view and understanding of principles and laws are impacting others. However, what is obvious is those of us with sound mind understand the law and wrong doing and can easily identify those who doesn't possess the same.

There are consequences for wrong doing. The deputies were rightfully disciplined, the Kalonji's should not have been treated in such a manner and unfornuately the Canoles were rightfully charged as what they did was against the law. I think it is mature of the Canoles to apologize to their new neighbors as they have; however, their actions can not be excused.


aaaa 3 years, 10 months ago on Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown announces bid for reelection

Sheriff Brown, you certainly have proven your ability to lead the Sheriff's Office and several of us in the community believe in your vision as will be evidenced by our vote in 2012. Never be concerned with those who will look for an opportunity to mislead, complain and extend toxic words. Continue to represent us and provide unbiased guidance to those in your office. We see your work and respect your decisions. For those of us who are willing to be honest, absent any unfounded views, you are the best representation for the Sheriff's Office that I have witnessed in my 49 years in Newton County. Continue to do a good job and dont' be distracted by those who can't do what you've done.


aaaa 4 years, 1 month ago on Sept. 4 Newton Citizen Poll

In response to the individual who commented about the Sheriff’s Office not extending raises. Please be mindful that raises/no raises are determined by the Board of Commissioners. Sheriff Brown has advocated for raises and a reduction in furlough days for the past two years. It is not his desire to see those who work long, hard, diligent, risky days and not be rewarded for their sacrifice and efforts. Sheriff Brown fights tirelessly for the benefit of the Sheriff’s Office.