Zo 2 years, 11 months ago on School superintendent addresses Alcovy web comments

Well I was like you about the race I didn't know until Rockdale & Newton Citizen placed that large colored photo of Dr. C (http://www.newtoncitizen.com/news/201...) in their article to fight the subpoena.

So maybe we need to ask the paper for the need to post the picture? Oddly, the 2 teachers who were hiding behind the virtual hood the paper, had been suspended for a lack of performance I didn't see post their pictures.

And just for the record, this county has had plenty of failing schools with white principles, but I didn't see their picture and you all complaining.


Zo 2 years, 12 months ago on School superintendent addresses Alcovy web comments

Nepotism has been the fundamental hiring practice in society (its not what you know but who you know) If any of you work I bet there are family members throughout that company. Now all of a sudden you have two Blacks in power it's an issue. I always say you think wrong because you doing wrong. Other words when the shoe was on the other foot, the white foot(nepotism) you knew billy and ray got their jobs because of daddy.

Again, if the root is jealous of this powerful couple take that up with the school board.

And now for those of you who don't have degrees and/or stopped pursuing a degree stop hating on those who do. University of Georgia must be relevant because it's turning away students who dream of a degree which in turn affords you the option to be principal or head of HR.

The facts lend to the side of hate on two successful Blacks, because no one has proven misconduct by either of the two successful Black people. Sorry, maybe next time.


Zo 2 years, 12 months ago on School superintendent addresses Alcovy web comments

Well said Dr. Matthew!!! Other words stop hiding behind your virtual hoods with baseless claims. Sadly, you folks are upset that a highly educated professional couple are making things happen in Newton.

I'm glad Dr. Carpenter took you ALLon, so get your note books, pens and get some facts instead of making up things because you jealous (I did well I didn't mention race was a factor).With hard work you can have "Dr" placed in front of your names and marry someone with the same "Dr" in front of their name.

Remember, this is the land of the free and ALL can be what they desire to be.


Zo 2 years, 12 months ago on Citizen attorney files motion to fight subpoena

Keep the fight alive Dr.C! Sadly, these folks want to hide behind those fake names and make baseless claims. I'm old school, whatever you have to say say it to my face, but that attitude speaks volumes to how I was raised.(value system)

Dr. C, over the years to currently, most commenters in this paper have a dislike for African Americans, so this comment section was designed to give them a platform to throw their racial overtone comments and attacks out there for all to read. It's like a virtual hood.

The 2 black commissioners in Conyers, the guy running for sheriff(Ferguson), and myself get attacked continuously in this paper. The common factors are all are African American, educated, and strive for a better quality of life for ALL. And with that said, it's as if those characteristics are against the law in these parts. Continue to be strong and keep the faith