Yallneedprozac 2 years, 6 months ago on Fight breaks out at Walmart after Happy Meal order

Ok so what I don't understand where is all this frustration coming from? First Alcovy high school kids are getting beat up, now Mcdonalds really people over a Happy Meal? It is supposed to make you happy not want to fight. I guess they didn't like the toy? Excuse my humor but really what kind of example is this for our kids? Wow this really shows maturity doesn't it? Let's make fun on an employee who made a mistake and call him a bunch of names. OK last I checked the guy was human and it easy to make a mistake in Fast food.

Anyway the two needed to be arrested for acting like fools and seeting such a prime example in public.


Yallneedprozac 2 years, 6 months ago on Student allegedly attacked in Alcovy classroom

i think the high school would make a perfect super Ingles or new walmart - i mean if all you do is fight and get stun gunned and arrested then why not at least bring in some sales tax.