Thishonky 2 years, 1 month ago on Lawsuit filed against Newton school board for January bus wreck

The problem here is that the same school system by its silence allowed a principal - plaintiff to run wild for months destroying our education reputation so it sounds like turn about is in fair play.


Thishonky 2 years, 1 month ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 1, 2013

To the citizen poll poster above. Newton County is always full of garbage on the road ways and trash and litter. I came in to town the other day from the first exit that Longhorn one I guess it's 90. The town looks 3rd world tires all over the place for sale, thugs on the sides of the road, some huge woman with a buggy in the middle of 278 like she was owning her bad behavior, junkie stores, crumbling paint, tall weeds just not somewhere anyone is wanting to drop a dime or take a dump for long. The chamber of commerce will keep on making you feel good by ringing those bells when they open a hot dog shoppe or a dollar tree or a flea market. Why not Belk? Why no theatre complex? They will keep giving you fast food to offset those real healthy lunches the school system brags about but can no longer afford and the low test scores of this county added to the trashy roads and awful leadership will keep people smiling as they pass exits 90, 92, 93 and 98 and move right out to beautiful Morgan County and Oconee and the Lakes to live!!!!!!!


Thishonky 2 years, 1 month ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Aug. 18, 2013

If it said GOD IS ALIVE on the art no matter what book it comes from they would tear it off the wall on the first day it would not be up for years. The fact that it is up for more than a year says a lot don't you think about this school and system? There is an answer to all of this: put your kids in private school or home school or the cyber school which is public school. Take away the seat count and the school will in time close down. It needs to do so doncha think this one school has made Newton County look bad for about 4 years now.


Thishonky 2 years, 2 months ago on BOC approves rollback millage

Don't come to Newton County. Your BOC gives themselves a RAISE while raising your tax burden. Houses are foreclosing like mad and the streets and back neighborhoods look like squalor out of a third world crime nation. Race issues are dividing the county taxes are awful in the city in the county on the BOE and the whole school system achieves low and most high schools are very unsafe. Move to Morgan County or Putnam but don't come to Newton it looks like a modern Memorial Drive on Hwy 278 what a shame this town is.


Thishonky 2 years, 4 months ago on School board approves tentative budget; Delays changes to Ombudsman transportation, additional nurses

I would like to see Turner go with him. He appears to follow Eddie and both of them have refused to explain why they voted NO on Fuhrey in 2012 and NO on Fuhrey on 2013 yet they voted to promote Carpenter on the same precedent years back? MMmmmmm. What do you think is the reason? Then the childish refusal to sign her contract by the bus driver. Shameful BOE just shameful.