TheUpside 8 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Aug. 18, 2013

This high school lies in Meadors district lucky him I bet he would like to make it disappear this school is a 24/7/365 pain. I live across from Alcovy and was told he is against the artwork. I bet he would like to rezone this school to Johnson's district.


TheUpside 9 months ago on Dalton admits operating businesses without paying fees

WOW this is so much more professionally written than the other paper in town. That paper tries to smear people but Mrs. Tatum is so professional no wonder I love this paper.


TheUpside 10 months, 1 week ago on Jeff Meadors: School system taking the wrong route on alternative school bus service

Is it true that they never delivered the two sites is because Dennis Carpenter was in charge and a lot of other things like lawsuits were on the radar then? Did we really ever need an Operations manager at that level I hear the new superintendent is not going to fill that job. Thanks Mrs. Fuhrey for saving that salary for taxpayers.


TheUpside 10 months, 1 week ago on Schulz honored by ACCG

You would have to see the grand jury notes to know what the NSP workman's liens are all about. It's all in the grand jury that was the first six months of 2012.


TheUpside 10 months, 2 weeks ago on School board approves tentative budget; Delays changes to Ombudsman transportation, additional nurses

something is surely up with this most employees are talking about it more of the same old same old board member apparently interfering where they don't belong.


TheUpside 11 months ago on School board approves tentative budget; Delays changes to Ombudsman transportation, additional nurses

"My fear is being threatened for a lawsuit"???? What a liberal. No spine here huh? Make decisions based on threats of litigation? Who runs things like that?

Why does Eddie claim it is insulting not to want to pick up bad kids then he admits when he drove a bus he left bad kids off the bus? Anyone know the IQ score on this guy? Running a school system? Lawsuit whiners and bus drivers deliver us all.


TheUpside 11 months, 1 week ago on School board pegs internal candidate as next superintendent; Fuhrey will be first female superintendent

Thank you Mr. Meadors for pushing the negative types out of our system and recommending Mrs. Fuhrey. Mrs. Fuhrey will do well and we all thank you so much for recognizing her talents and to the other board members Baker and Coggin thank you so much. NCSS is on the right road.


TheUpside 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Newton Citizen Poll for May 5, 2013

Now we read of the THIRD person to leave the Newton Chamber of Commerce in what - a month or two? Shannon Davis - gone! Roger Harrison - gone! Clara Deemer now retiring after 10 years? Um you all do the math. There is someone no one can work with over there. Running off three employees in two months. Mmmm.


TheUpside 12 months ago on ZIP change rejected by residents of east Newton

AMEN!!! Baxter is arrogant and annoying as is all of the closed government. I hope to see people who live in the city get rid of some of the longtime waste on the city council in the next election cycle. Then work on the BOC and the BOE next year and in 2016.