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Blatter resigns as FIFA president June 2, 2015


ThePublicGood 1 year, 9 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Aug. 18, 2013

My board member is in district one. I do not know where Alcovy falls but I was told he objects to the artwork and has told the new superintendent how he feels about it.


ThePublicGood 1 year, 10 months ago on Tourism director ready to promote Hollywood of South

Vampire Diaries is not exclusive to Covington. They film in Monroe, Conyers and Atlanta a lot too. This all sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. Maybe the fan base in Brazil will come visit and pick up the trash blanketing the town and teach our school board how to speak English as a second language.


ThePublicGood 1 year, 11 months ago on STEM institute planned for part of old Newton High; School board to decide on fate of remainder of building

John even though most board members don't have spines Douglas (BOC) and Meadors (BOE) had it right on the EHS replacement. The language in the SPLOST lies. It says a thorough canvas was conducted and an urgent necessity existed for a replacement high school. What a bunch of doo doo when enrollment hovers at and below 19000 and they said this was written for 24 to 25000 students. They pulled the wool over the voters eyes and did not listen to the people telling the truth on this. The next SPLOST won't pass I hope because they lied on this one only two people tried to be honest here and some columnist across town even was not honest about them. Politics in Newton County is corrupt. Baxter knows it.


ThePublicGood 2 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for May 19, 2013

I am pulling for MS FUHREY but she will sink or swim initially based on how bold she is on cleaning out the administration at Alcovy High. School board give her your support in cleaning house at Alcovy High. The newest testing scandal is the last straw.


ThePublicGood 2 years ago on Letter: Fuhrey is best choice for superintendent

The extra pay for these "doctorates" is nuts and out of control. What good is that for a student? None. It pads retirement for admins who get paid from TRS a multiplier of 2 times the number of years worked multiplied times the average of their highest two years of salary. I say defund TRS and see who really is in it to teach kids. The pension lifers sit in offices and get online degrees while teachers work like dogs in classrooms and no one is supporting teachers no one at all. I wish the public would get loud about supporting classroom teachers and privatize the central office to a local RESA. Privatize counseling. Privatize all of it except classroom teachers and privatize management too. You will save money and you will end the waste.


ThePublicGood 2 years, 1 month ago on Newton Schools narrows list to 3 for superintendent post

The only one who has been and still is a superintendent is Sam Light. Hire Sam Light and no I don't know the man but NCSS is at a critical point with money and data. We need someone who has done this job before no matter the size of his/her district. The only one non this list who has done this job before is Sam Light. Any business minded CEO would say hire him and move on. Now fix Alcovy High before it is too late.


ThePublicGood 2 years, 1 month ago on School system expects deficit in two years

Two years away from a negative fund balance? What does the 16 year BOE veteran member have to say about this? People these are the people who will hire a new superintendent this week and next to fix this? What will they base their hiring decision on? I would like to hear from Gary Matthews as to his opinion on our next superintendent as to what type of person we need. Can we really trust a board who has us 2 years out from RED INK and has paid money to people who quit and has a school on Geiger Street upside down in payments? I am very worried about NCSS with this board or at least the majority of them leading the way in education. Have you heard the grammar of these board members? Have you? A sad day in Newton County - more private schools please get here fast!


ThePublicGood 2 years, 2 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Schools rise and fall on leadership

I sure hope he does run again. He is the only one who keeps saying stop spending. He voted no to paying GSBA to do what ordinary people should be able to do on their own - hire a supt. I say if you want people off the board you go after the ones who have been around for decades who have us 2 years away from being in the RED ink on the budget line. Thank you SIR for telling the truth I just went to the DOE and every single number he quotes is truthful. Some of you just hate the truth. I also want a strong leader to bring AHS back to a successful place to work.