Teedoffparent 3 years, 7 months ago on Newton graduation rate drops with new calculation

I'm just in aww with this whole situation I just can't believe that these board members and staff and Admin are so blind to this fact. It is a shame that the members would rather focus so much on article writing and getting upset about Mr Meadors doing his job that AHS has just been a fading thought. I just hate to see this kind of thing but you know I can't help but think if something doesn't give that we are going to end up like Atlanta and start closing schools and things will be a mess. The thing that is my concern is when my child comes home and is so upset about the school situation that her counselors won't help her with what she needs for graduation and states that she has put a counseling slip in to her counselor and it has been 2wks since anybody has even mentioned that she has put in for an appointment then there is reason for concern.

So please tell me how are the kids supposed to know who to talk to about what they need if the counselors and staff can't communicate with anybody and if the child is in danger of failing and the counselors don't inform the parents how are we to help them? This isn't the psychic friends network I need to know what is going on with my child's education even if the Admin could care less


Teedoffparent 3 years, 8 months ago on Newton school board holds apparent illegal meeting

Dear Mr Johnson and Mr Campbell I cannot thank you enough for demanding that Meadors go to the newspaper. Now the public knows that every single elected body in this county has lost it's mind. Just for review. You hold an illegal meeting and you demand the vice chair to go make demands on the local paper. How is that working for you?