Sundance 2 years, 3 months ago on Lindsey sends former AHS employee cease and desist notice

Ho-----lee----Crap. If that is really Alcovy in that video, Mrs Carpenter has not been harassed enough in my opinion. What parent would want their kids having to go to school with that type of situation happening. Meadors was right in one of his columns about a management flush once a school system reaches a point of no return. I would never want my kids there. I thought Rockdale was bad and I take it back. We will keep what we have. I hope those kids were arrested, charged, and expelled. That is what a good principal would do. Any school board that allowed this to continue should be ashamed.


Sundance 2 years, 3 months ago on Judge orders Lindsey to notify web posters

I hope this case works out soon. It is getting old. You guys are way too emotionally wrapped up in it in my opinion. Leaders with good sense would have not let it get this out of hand. You guys have stepped on a hornets nest that happens to be protected by the constitution.

Disclaimer: I am in no way the real Sundance Kid of western lore. I have never robbed a train or bank and look nothing like Robert Redford. Long live Tawana Brawley, OJ simpson, and Laquanda Carpenter! And You know this Man!!! Go ALcovy!


Sundance 2 years, 4 months ago on Judge orders Lindsey to notify web posters

It seems that Stephanie Lindsey either does not know how the court works in these types of cases or is trying to get around the rules. This article made it seem like she was trying to start the trial process in this hearing by calling witnesses and bringing evidence. Does she not know the difference between a hearing and a trial? If she is that obtuse, I would hate to see her presiding over a courtroom. Does anyone know where she got her degree in law?This is my opinion of a candidate and public figure. I do not intend this maliciously and am basing all my opinions on facts in this article.


Sundance 2 years, 4 months ago on Alcovy principal: No calls, threats to those in suit

Is an email stating innocence believable? If so, we need to all start emailing denials of things we have done wrong. But my real question is, what good things are being done by the principal at Alcovy last week and this week? How is she getting ready for great improvements next year? what is she doing right now that will insure that this situation never comes up again? I would guess but I don't want to get sued. If I had a son, he would look like Shannon Black.


Sundance 2 years, 4 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for June 10, 2012

I live in Conyers but have been following the "Carpenter v Anyone who disagrees" case pretty closely. Many comments have said that Stephanie Lindsey should not be a judge if she doesn't believe in free speech. I agree if that is true but I would like the paper to point blank ask her what her views on free speech are and how this case would affect free speech in her district. I would like to know what type of comments she believes are OK and what goes over the line. All this could be asked within the context of her candidacy for judge not specific info regarding the case. I think it is important for the people to know. Lawyers take controversial cases all the time. But I think the voters need to know her stance. My guess is that she will try to dodge the question and not give a straight answer. That is what politicians and lawyers are good at. It's worth a try.


Sundance 2 years, 5 months ago on Rockdale soldier serves by getting supplies to soldiers in the war zone

Good work to Staff Sgt Bruno and thanks to him and his family for their sacrifice. Another example of a Rockdale kid doing good. Stay safe son and come back soon.