SadCitizen 2 years, 5 months ago on School board chair explains SPLOST projects

These comments make me sad as a long time citizen of Newton County. There are more commentors on this page bashing not only the school system but other schools than there are attendees at a Board of Education meeting. The parents at the Theme School are no different than the parents at Eastside or East Newton or Mansfield or Heard Mixon that are proud of their schools and the education their children are getting there. Why are you bashing the Theme School parents for wanting the same thing for their children as Eastside parents? A decent building (not one that is 57 years old and phased out by the state) and a quality education. The comment from iwantitnow about keeping a small group happy. Do you even know how many students attend there? Why is your child's education more important than that of mine at the Theme School or any other school in NCSS. I love my children and pay taxes just like you do. Why can't we work together to make things better for all students at ALL schools. Teachers want to run from this county not just because of the Board of Education but because of people in this community that are willing to tear it ALL apart just because they can. I have supported Jeff Meadors through all the Carpenter/Alcovy mess but I am not sure he has the best interest of NCSS at heart anymore. If he thought there was something wrong with the SPLOST why did he vote to put it on the ballot only to bash it now. John Douglas made that tacky comment in the paper about "We have a great school on this side of the county and we want to keep it that way". John, shouldn't all children and parents have access to a quality education or just the ones on the eastern side of the county. I agree Eastside has it going does Indian Creek, East Newton, Heard Mixon and YES the Theme School. These are schools we should be using as models of doing it right not badgering. We are no longer hurting the Board members, administration or the superintendent. This is hurting OUR children and teachers. When we furlough 20 days, up class sizes to 35 in first grade because no business or families want to be a part of this mess, who do you think is going to get hurt. Dr. Matthews? He will be long gone by then. Almond Turner? He has no children in school. This has to stop. Not for the Baxter's of the world but for the future of the children and life of Newton County. Someone better figure out a way to have a dialogue before we truly are a DeKalb or Cobb and there is nothing left of the county some of us love. It is not just the BOE that is causing this turmoil. I am sad, disappointed and sick of all this. I am not sure this SPLOST is the right thing. If you don't believe in it, vote against it. That is your prerogative but starting a new city is ludacris. Okay I am finished. I am sure some of you have some nasty snarly comments to make. Knock yourself out!