Romulus 3 years, 5 months ago on High Court upholds key part of Obama health law

This law does for medicine what No Child Left Behind did for education. In fact, the "outcome-based" payment scheme for doctors is almost identical and will have identical results, except doctors will drop the most difficult patients: the ones who need the care the most. It taxes medical savings accounts that are larger than $2500, which is the opposite of what needed to be done. And it is good that the kids can stay on their parents policy until they are 26 since there will be no jobs and they will have to live at home, anyway.

We just took a step closer to the system in the's that working out for THEM?


Romulus 3 years, 5 months ago on Judge orders Lindsey to notify web posters

So it looks like the can was kicked down the road and that the case continues: "The Newton Citizen can't file a motion to dismiss."

I don't understand why that is. It seems like someone should make a ruling on whether or not Carpenter has a case. If she does, it goes forward, and if she does not, it's done with. The winners today were the attorneys who get paid for today and have the promise of still more money down the road.

Someone really needs to have a heart-to-heart with Dr. Carpenter. Even though I'm not a huge fan, I am mindful of the toll this is going to take personally upon this family. This lawsuit is poised to drag on well into the school year. Whatever suffering occurred as a result of the comments is nothing compared to the publicity coming from a protracted legal battle; the first of its kind in Georgia. It will be draining financially and physically. Professionally, it is hard to imagine someone willing to touch them in any capacity.

And Dr. Matthews needs to take the necessary step and put her on leave until this case is resolved. As soon as she named a school board member in the case, she was essentially suing the system: a person duly elected to represent the people.


Romulus 3 years, 5 months ago on Alcovy principal: No calls, threats to those in suit

Ugh! What Dr. L. "Queen" Carpenter has done to the English language should be a crime! How does someone with such poor skills in written expression get into a position of such power and authority? Instead of filing lawsuits and releasing accusatory emails she should be auditing some composition classes at her own high school.

The only thing worse than the atrocities committed upon our mother tongue by her majesty is the utter and complete ineptitude with which this has been handled...or not the board of education and our superintendent. If anyone else in the NCSS makes this sort of drama, they are suspended and reprimanded. But Her Majesty is a special case because her husband OWNS the NCSS board and the superintendent. And unfortunately, he can not be voted out of office. So they both remain a millstone upon the backs of the taxpayers of this county, making a mockery of us all.


Romulus 3 years, 5 months ago on Alcovy principal names school board member in lawsuit

We need tort reform where the loser pays. The Carpenters are seeking damages, but THEY are the ones doing the most damage to their own careers as well as to the reputation of our entire school system!

If Meadors were the problem, he could be voted out. How can we get rid of the Carpenters?


Romulus 3 years, 5 months ago on Meadors awaits guidance from attorneys

Queenie Carpenter is beating the bushes, hoping to shake as many loose as she can. In going after Meadors, she hopes some will feel guilty enough to reveal themselves. And then she will punish them.

Meadors was elected. The Carpenters were not. King Carpenter was hired and has since plundered the NCSS as his own personal fiefdom, with his queen by his side. Neither of them, unfortunately, can be voted out.

Only now, with a media circus and the imminent meltdown of our entire school system, does the superintendent FINALLY take steps to separate the conflict of interest. It is too little, too late Dr. Matthews. You bar the door long after the horses have left the barn. Where have you been?!?! You have shown a total lack of leadership in letting this deteriorate to its present state. The sad fact is, is that you will also suffer.

Queen Carpenter should be suspended until the legal matter is settled. And we need tort reform that makes the loser pay, because attorneys are making money from this ridiculous lawsuit. It's hard to believe that any knowledgeable attorney would advise the threats and dragging a school board member into it.

Dr. are committing professional suicide with this legal kamikaze attack. You have no hope of winning because this is not a monarchy. It is a republic with a constitution. Citizens are free to criticize their government, and in your capacity as an employee of the government, you are subject to public criticism. You take my property taxes, you need to take my opinions and criticism. Its a package deal. If your school does well you get the credit. If it does not, you get the blame.

Dr. Dennis...think about the people you have lied to and hurt and walked over on your way up the rungs of power. Those birds are coming home to roost. Your time of dominance is coming to an end. Are you prepared? Real people have suffered because of your arrogance. Especially our children.

It is that arrogance that drives this lawsuit. Only a supremely arrogant person would think that they can sue others for their opinions and get away with it. Only someone who is used to getting their way through bullying and intimidation would think they could assault our constitutional freedoms and prevail. Mr. Meadors represents the people who voted for him, and he has done nothing but serve the interests of those voters through transparency and openness. The Carpenters, on the other hand, have done nothing but serve themselves. This lawsuit is all about servicing their own pride against the truth.

Thank you Newton Citizen for performing such an important civic function in protecting our first amendment rights. May you continue to be a bane to all those in power who would abuse their power. R.


Romulus 3 years, 6 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Search for quality education leaves public schools out of the equation

It's becoming more and more plain: Public education is on the ropes. Anyone who can, will flee for the sake of their children. Technology affords more and more flexibility and options for our children. And these are quality options that produce merit scholars and spelling bee champions. Home schooling was once a rarity. Now it is becoming more and more mainstream as public schools become incubators for antisocial behaviors that have nothing to do with real education.


Romulus 3 years, 6 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Have school boards overstepped their bounds?

This is all VERY true.
Initially I was against HR 1162, because it DID look like a sort of taxation without representation. However, recent antics within our board and our school district have made me take a second look at this initiative and now I am reversing my opinion. NCSS has failed to offer a viable alternative for students. The "Theme School" has some success for many, but it is not built around parent involvement as much as it is around passing test scores that are required for admittance and continued enrolment. It is basically a public prep school.

Can the state run a better school than our local board of education? It has gotten to the point where it is certainly worth a look. It gets more and more difficult to justify sending our kids into an environment where bullying is not only tolerated, but it is carried out by building and county administrators! The culture of intimidation needs to end and charter schools may be the way to go.


Romulus 3 years, 6 months ago on Mathews addresses web comments

The pattern of hiring that was established in 2009 continues to this very day. It is detrimental to morale, to the competence of the employees and to the education of our children. And it is going to negatively impact our property values, our ability to compete with surrounding counties and the future well-being of everyone who lives here. It is so sad to see the promise of just a few years ago now being so completely destroyed by corruption.


Romulus 3 years, 6 months ago on Mathews addresses web comments

Now you're getting somewhere. There's still more. There is a LOT of dirt under this rug.


Romulus 3 years, 6 months ago on Mathews addresses web comments

Oddly enough, AHS's fall to the bottom is partly because of positive leadership at NHS, a school that has traditionally held the low spot. Afterall, SOMEONE has to be last! While not perfect, there is a more positive climate at Newton that is reflected in better student achievement and lower staff turn-over. This is a dramatic shift from just 2 years ago, under a prior principal who was closely associated with our beloved deputy superintendent of operations. It perfectly illustrates the problem caused by nepotism and how it can be fixed in a relatively short amount of time. Dr. Matthews and our school board are wasting precious political capital defending something that is indefensible while tacitly approving a war against our most basic liberties; that of free expression. I commend Dr. Lockhart for doing the best he can with resources that are often more limited than the other 2 high schools. I would like to see him be able to hire the best and brightest to fill his team, but he is going to be hampered by the nepotism that exists in the central office and the morale problems that cascade down from that level.