RobertLee 2 years, 9 months ago on Clerk says passport records destroyed, confidential

Hey, if you are a State Senator or Congressman, then you need to change this law NOW. How the devil did this ever get started? Allowing a portion of a tax or fee to be paid to an elected official as some strange way of recompense? Please! Government officials are paid SALARIES and that is how they should be compensated. Stop the politics and change the law. No more $25 per passport to the County Court Clerk.

You are free to change their salaries and/or the cost of a passport though. This would stop crazy politics like this from happening.


RobertLee 2 years, 10 months ago on Newton Sheriff's Office charges neighbors in 'burglary' incident

No, this incident is ENTIRELY the fault of the Deputy Sheriff that responded and no one else. For the past few years I have been concerned with NCSD cutbacks and reduced pay that that the caliber of applicants for deputies is at the BOTTOM of the barrel. This is a perfect example of poor decision ability by the deputy that responded.

And furthermore, the Canoles next door would have been HEROES if the situation had actually been a burglary. With all the crime here in South Newton, I wish I had neighbors watching my place like the Canoles. I would certainly feel safer. The Canoles and Kalonji's should make up, join forces, and be poster advocates for more qualified deputies.

With the kind of deputies we have in Newton County, who needs criminals?