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I wonder if the people understand that they have the freedom to run for public office. You see this is the United States of America. If you are a citizen you have the choice to get any one elected. 1) Talk someone into running for a specific office (ie school board) 2) Get others who believe the same as you to support you. 3) Get involved with the position you wish to run for. (learn the ins and outs of that office) 4) Get people to interview you concerning that post. 5) Get help at the polls; poll watchers; sign makers; people to help campaign etc. 6) pray for devine help through the entire campaign (this will insure you have a good relationship with God. If you are not saved, do that before you start so you will be worthy of His help.)


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I see people actually believe the AJC's news before it is printad. the AJC needs to do some fact checking out first; before offering their "opinions"

I watched the Alabama people call Gov Cristie a liar as I watched the news. Gov Christie spoke out of both sides of his mouth when he talked about the storm...I wish I had copied it. .Misinformation in the poll of Dec. 2 needs to be corrected concerning non-union utility crews being refused work in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. Don't believe anything the likes of Rush, Boortz, Beck, Cain, Faux 'News' or Rove have to say unless you are just getting a chuckle out of their so-called 'entertainment.' This is a quote from the Atlanta Journal with correct information concerning this matter: 'There were initial reports of non-union utility crews from Alabama being turned away by New Jersey, but a spokesman with Jersey Central Power & Light denied this, telling News 12 New Jersey: 'We have not turned away any help. Absolutely not.' Crews from California, Idaho, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina were working in New Jersey just days after Hurricane Sandy. Crews from Alabama went to New Jersey to offer assistance but were sent to Long Island, according to and, websites for newspaper groups in New Jersey and Alabama. One crew returned home over confusion about paperwork and another crew went to Denton, Md.' The Republican Party caused their own problems by not silencing the extreme right-wing Nazi gasbags who are paid millions of dollars to espouse what the super wealthy want you to believe. That fact along with the voter suppression in red states sent eligible Democratic voters to the polls by the thousands who stood in line to vote even after the election had been called for President Obama. Did anyone else notice that the states with the best educated electorate and the highest living standards voted for the reelection of the president?" The AJC needs to check with the people who were in the hurricane. The citizens were and are the people helping. And the companies have checked these stories out. The unions prevented the help from coming to the eastern states. Check with the utilities in Al.


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Can we say that today? Will He be willing to save us from what we are facing today? Evil is in high places; homosexuals in high places running our military. We have another time when we need Spiritual help; will He be with us? Well, we need His help now; for sure. I think He left Scriptural Prophecy in such a way for U.S. to have a choice to do something about it. I wonder are we seeing the hand of God in the next phase of His Story? After WWII, what started happening? Did we start kicking God out of the public sector? Korea; what happened in that country? Was there something He wants us to not do? How about Viet Nam? Or maybe it could possibly be …something of the unions we are involved with? Like the United Nations? Even our money…and now we have a problem with our politics…we are not calling for the crucifixions to stop.

You see I do not see anything about America there; I see Russia (Magog), I see Israel (Israel), I see the East (China, with trouble on the horizon) I see the Med, Look in Daniel and Revelation, See? I think He left something for U.S. to fight for as well. He protected U.S. for hundreds of years; I just KNOW He is going to help, at least I pray He does. I am grateful that He allowed me to live and be born here, at the close of the age when I will hear Him call “COME UP HERE”! like Scripture says.

That is when you start to understand Christianity, but then will it be too late? To whom much is given, much is required; that is us! We were living large in America.

I think HE has placed U.S. in THIS position to say I am here for such a time as this! I think He has given U.S. this bastion of freedom to fight for; the persecuted can have somewhere to run to? But there may be a price we do not want to pay. My question is; can we do it? Will we do it? The youth of America has to do it; I’m too old. I can only watch and try to write.

Richard Gregory Sr ( the Sr denotes anti abortion)


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I missed sending this on Thanksgiving this year, but maybe Mr. Huckaby, you can put this to use with another perspective; you see I think there were other reasons for our American Revolution and …well, compare how God watched over us as a nation, and how He may be a little discouraged with our other actions since just before the Korean war:

Today is Thanks Giving day, November 25, 2010 and Thanksgiving is almost here tomorrow; I am thankful for the nation I live in. I am thankful that we can still do what Dr Martin Luther King did; I only wish he had lived to see how we are progressing toward his dream; we are not there yet, but we are on the way. Yes, I am thankful that God is as forgiving as He is. He forgave me of much; a great deal of sin when I started; I thought I was a goody-two-shoe. I wasn’t; I was despicable! Then, after almost 30 years (1969) God saved me. Then I found that my thoughts were getting rather conservative, and clean. Now, I find that I want to do something good for the country that I live in, the one I was born into. He could have had me born to a Communist, or a Muslim nation or a woman in a Muslim country. But He gave me grace instead.

Others created my country, and when I realize the blood sweat and grief that went into creating this country; WOW! This nation was created with the help of God. How else can it be! Can you see His hand in that? Our forefathers fought against one of the greatest and strongest nations in the known world; and WON! Then, again I believe with the help of God, we fought a war against ourselves; brother against brother; son against father in what is called a Civil War; or the War Between The States, which IF the south had won; we would be speaking a different language. Think on that! These are facts.

Again, approaching the twentieth century we were in another two wars. Both of these latter wars were against the Germans. The second one, they were allied with the Japanese. You can say what you want; He was with us. Even the secular people will have to agree, there were so many coincidences, and they could not have all been coincidences. Consider; General Patten asked his Chaplain to write a prayer for him as he was socked in with a pea soup fog and could not get the planes off to fight. The Chaplain wrote, Gen Patten prayed and the events moved in the battle to win that battle.


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I think Pastor Lett is an upstanding citizen who does a lot of good for the community. I have had Bible Studies with some of the people living there. I pray more people will find it in their hearts to help.

Rich Gregory.