RetiredGuy 2 years, 3 months ago on Library board approves budget

The library board and the county commissioners should be funding the Library, not cutting the budget, again.

I was there yesterday. There is row after row of empty magazine racks. There is only a skeleton crew to provide service.

The Library is a most important source for education for the Citizens of Newton Co. Our elected officials should put a higher priority on funding our library.


RetiredGuy 2 years, 4 months ago on BOC, other officials could get pay raise

BOC gets a pay raise while the Library still has many empty shelves that used to contain monthly magazines and while the Library now operates on a skeleton staff?

The possible pay raise should go to the Library.


RetiredGuy 2 years, 4 months ago on BOC approves rollback rate

So a "rollback millage rate" results in a tax increase? That's a new one.

"Schulz said the board has made deep cuts each of the past five years and the county is now operating on $10 million less than when she took office."

Schulz and the rest of the board keep on cutting and yet they let the Library fall into disrepair. Plus, half or more of the magazines the Library used to have are not there any more. So many employees are gone now that the Library operates on a skeleton crew.

Then there is the zoning changes which result in more construction in already packed in areas on Salem rd, Brownbridge road, Hwy 278 and now Clark St and Turner Lake rd.

Perhaps it's time to get a new set of county commissioners who will protect the trees, protect the rural nature of the county and fund the Library as it should be funded.


RetiredGuy 2 years, 8 months ago on School board chair explains SPLOST projects

No more SPLOST programs.

School taxes should all be Real Estate taxes so that it can be deducted on state and federal tax returns.

And, in Newton county the county should have a provision for a Real Estate tax to completely fund the Library. As it is right now, the Library has had to cut a large number of magazines it used to have. The new books purchased has been noticeably reduced. The staff has been slashed.

The Library is a grand center for learning for all ages. It should be funded just like school taxes are funded by Real Estate taxes so we can deduct them.


RetiredGuy 2 years, 8 months ago on County officials speak out about SPLOST language

No more SPLOST for anything, especially education.

Education revenue should come out of Real Estate taxes which we can deduct on our State and Federal tax returns.

Yes, we can deduct sales taxes if we choose that over Income taxes. However, in most all cases our Income taxes will always be much greater than what the government allows for sales taxes.

SPLOST and sales taxes are of no benefit at tax time.

And while I'm at it, the Commissioners should increase taxes specifically for the Library. We deserve much more in our Library than the commissioners are providing now.


RetiredGuy 2 years, 8 months ago on Proponent, opponent for Newton SPLOST speak at forum

There is no money in this for the Newton County Library. The Library is as much a part of the education system as a school. The schools certainly send their students to it.

Have you seen the Library lately? I was there today. There are a great deal of empty spaces where there used to be magazines. Some spaces have a magazine in place but look at the publishing month. I looked at PC World. It was the November 2012 issue!

The Library should be a priority for funding. The prior group of County Commissioners as well as the current bunch has gutted funds for the Library. The library needs money for a full compliment of magazines, books and staff for it's several locations.

Until the Library gets a full share of money there should not be passage of this SPLOST.