ProudToTeach 2 years, 5 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Guiding our students toward college, career readiness

Mr. Meadors,

That you for the positive and informative column. The NCCA provides some great opportunities for the students of the NCSS. The BOE should be congratulated for their support of the NCCA and the vision that Mr. Woodard has provided for the NCAA.


ProudToTeach 2 years, 5 months ago on Darrell Huckaby: Too many pythons to visit

Well said Mr. Huckaby. We need more people in our country with your willingness to work with all people and to help all people. Maybe you can speak to Mr. Meadors in Newton County.


ProudToTeach 2 years, 5 months ago on Jeff Meadors: What factors determine success for students?

Mr. Meadors, Paul Tough makes an interesting case for the character qualities of grit, determination, and fortitude. He also includes other "skills"...curiosity, perseverance, conscientiousness, self-regulation, and optimism. As I read his book, I kept thinking of Pandora's Box. Is hope what is left or do we learn hope? All these characteristics/skills are behaviors exhibited by people who have hope.

Your opinion paper makes a leap from characteristics of children to EOCT test scores. You "surveyed" six schools and drew upon one year of results on three of nine EOCT to conclude that leaders of schools should be pushed out "early and fast"if they are not contributing to student success.

If the test scores published by the NCSS are to be believed, all three high schools show an upward trend in test results on the three test you selected. The following passing percentages for EOCT are from the school years 9-10, 10-11, 11-12 respectively. (Math II: AHS 26%, 38%, 56; EHS 63%, 61, 63%; NHS 34%, 36%, 51%;). (9th Grade Lit: AHS 82%, 78%, 89%; EHS 77%, 83%, 92%; NHS 77%, 80%, 88%) (Biology: AHS 63%, 65%, 81%; EHS 77%, 76%, 86%; NHS 50%, 61%; 79%). Oh! Let's add one more EOCT (Economics: AHS 75%, 82%, 86%; EHS 83%, 91%, 93%; NHS 63%, 71%, 77%).

All of these scores are verifiable through NCSS or the GADOE website. Why would you only use one year of data?

The three schools you compare the NCSS schools have significantly different demographics as verifiable through the GADOE website. The GADOE website also provides a comparability report. The "School Similarity Index" report allows you to compare schools with similar profiles. Why would you choose schools that are not comparable to NCSS schools when this report is just a click away?

Based on three years of data, it appears that all of the NCSS leaders are contributing to the success of their if the whole story is told. It appears that theses leaders are demonstrating the characteristics of hope.

...early and a leader of the NCSS, are you contributing to student success?


ProudToTeach 2 years, 5 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Time to restore support, integrity, dollars to classroom teachers

Yes Shart. You are right. I am curious. What legislators are behind SSOs? Who is running the DOE? Do they really believe SSOs will improve education for all or just a few? If the scenario plays out with hundreds of private schools, will public schools fade away as tax revenue is lost? Will conditions worsen for public school teachers or will private schools provide better pay and prestige for teachers? Jeff. As a board member, help us understand these complicated issues. What will be the impact on our children, parents, teachers and communities. What is your vision for public schools?


ProudToTeach 2 years, 5 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Time to restore support, integrity, dollars to classroom teachers

Jeff, I really appreciate the arguments you make for the support of teachers. However, please explain to us what "buzz words" are you referencing. I know that many school systems like Newton have implemented the national movement of standard based classes and the use of research based instructional strategies. Are you opposed to standard based classrooms and research based instruction? Since, you are a school board member, I am sure your readers would like to know where you stand on theses issues.

You reference SSOs in your article as a way to create reform and options for schools. To some, SSOs are a new way to segregate schools and destroy public education which is the backbone of a strong democracy. What is your perspective on this? As an elected school board member, do you have a hidden agenda? Are you truly transparent.

Please tell us where you stand.