Pounder 2 years, 3 months ago on School superintendent addresses Alcovy web comments

"University of Georgia must be relevant because it's turning away students who dream of a degree which in turn affords you the option to be principal or head of HR."

Zo, By "turning away students" do you mean prospective students did not get accepted? That would be because they did not meet the criteria (high SAT score and grades). My advice to wanna be students would be to work harder, and not just "dream of a degree". UGA has high standards (thankfully) and they should uphold those standards. Besides being a fine univerisity, UGA prides itself in having diverse students with different cultural backgrounds and offers and welcomes many opportuntites of all races/cultures to become involved so great minds can work and learn together.


Pounder 2 years, 4 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Bad hiring practices costly to schools

"Black is a poster child example of Jim Collins' argument that it is the "who" that matters. Get the right people on the bus and in the right positions; get the wrong ones off."

So true! How about removing people who seem to think that ruling with fear is the way to be an administrator? I don't care if results are made. Guess what? The talented ones are leaving. Will someone wake up and smell the coffee?

By the way, when Jeff Meadors writes an article he signs his name and not from the Newton County Board of Education. How could anyone have a problem with Mr. Meadors sharing his own insights? His insights are honest and eye opening. Keep up the good work!